Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Between these Lines

I've been neglecting every part of Wenya and Yoeli, welcome to my life of education is everything. Anyway, just wanted to share this.
Here's the link to the blog it's on: Susan Cain, the Power of Introverts

Between these Lines
by Amber Rens

the smell of printers ink
the rustle of ancient pages thumbed through carelessly
I am here, if anyone cares to look
but they don’t.  why should they
when I won’t leave this sanctum, my written refuge,
where voices whisper to me so soothingly?

the kings of old have been here
the seers knew this place well
these are their voices now
when they themselves have long since faded into the dust

this is inspiration
starbursts of color and sound waging war on my senses
competing to see which can compel the strongest feelings,
something I cannot bring myself to muster when I must leave.

what makes you laugh?
what is wrong, that you are moved to tears?
I shake my head and smile.
nothing, I say, nothing is wrong
I laugh and smile for naught at all
do not worry, no, everything’s fine, merely a thought has struck me
yet I know the truth

in this place, my words matter
for to the thirsty pages, my words,
my ink, are as sweet as fresh water
and as valued as precious stones.

it’s funny how sometimes one can only
be heard by saying nothing

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The Essential Collection
by Diana Palmer
Romance, Western, Fiction, Historical
lawyer, Texas, Texas ranger, cowboy and cowgirls

After a devastating flood orphaned Noelle Brown, she thought her handsome and charming benefactor, Andrew Paige, could be the man of her dreams. So why did his steely eyed older stepbrother, Jared Dunn, make her heart race and her breath catch in her throat?

Desperado turned lawman, Jared had come home to Fort Worth, Texas, ready to leave his dangerous past behind. The green-eyed, feisty young woman his stepbrother had taken in wasn't the gold digger Jared had expected. Far from it-the unconventional, innocent beauty needed his guidance to learn the ways of high society, a task he found surprisingly enjoyable.

When scandal threatened them all, Noelle would be forced to marry to save the family's honor. But which brother had truly captured her heart? With rivalry pitting brother against brother, one thing was for certain-this wouldn't be a marriage of convenience!

source: Barnes and Noble

My Review:
This book isn't one of my favorite's by Diana but that is because it's more about a lawyer than a cowboy. But on the bright side the sexual content is less than most of her books I have read, so I refer to it minute mild. If your interested in a book with more morals than most of her books, less sexual content, and a redheaded tempered woman (like myself) you will enjoy this book.

Best line: 
"She whirled and started back down the street toward the depot in a fine fury, while behind her, a lean face broke into a glorious smile. He left the hat where it lay, and, with eyes so wicked they would have made her blush, he started after her, laughing softly to himself." - page 287

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Ice and I

The first time your ice skates hit the ice, life seems to stop breathing.
Written for the one who got away, and never knew how much I appreciated their lovin' care.

Click link to read: The Ice and I by Wendi Jo Bellfort

Fit for a King

Fit for a King
The Essential Collection
by Diana Palmer
Romance, Western, Fiction
cowboys and cowgirls, ranch life, Oklahoma, Jamaica

They were friends, neighbors, and occasional confidants. Certainly nothing more. Now Kingston Roper needs a favor from Elissa Dean --- he needs her to get caught in his bed.

Elissa's sure she can help King out of an awkward situation caused by his rebounding sister-in-law's misplaced affection. After all, she might be the last American virgin, but she could definitely play the temptress...just to be neighborly, of course.

But there's a problem with her good intentions. Because Elissa doesn't want to playact anymore. She wants the real thing...with King. But Elissa knows the kind of passion a man like King expects: brief, intense and heartbreaking. Passion could lead to many things, but could they ever be the thing they both want?

My Review:
This is one of my favorite Diana Palmer books I have read up to this moment, which isn't many so don't jump on that conclusion to quickly. This has a tropical setting as well as a Midwest setting which I feel gives it a fascinating twist. I'm not a die heart "I want to go to the beach" person, but this books makes me want to go to the beach. This isn't one of those perfect everything falls in place love story throughout the entire book, so it gives you a taste of real life, which I like. Once again I love Diana Palmer story telling.

Best Line:
"He burst laughing, holding her to him. "you enchant me," he whispered. "Tease me, torment me, burn me up. I love you so damned much, I can hardly breathe for it." - p. 185

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Callaghan's Bride

Callaghan's Bride
The Essential Collection
by Diana Palmer
Romance, Western, Fiction
cowboys and cowgirls, Texas

Rugged as an oak, moody as a thurdercloud, rancher Callaghan Hart awed women and intimidated men. So how could one scrappy little redhead nearly bring Callaghan to his knees?

Easy! Tess Brady, the rancher's new housekeeper, was soft and sweet. Her youthful innocence drew him like a moth to a flame. But there was no way Callaghan would ever consider marriage, and a casual fling was out of the question. Somehow, he had to resist her, no matter how tempting she was.

My Review:
I read this quite some time back, but one of my favorite things is that she is a redhead, as likewise myself. Redheads tend to have the mentality they can do anything they set their mind to, just like Tess does in Callaghan's Bride. I love Diana Palmer's stories, she is a great story teller that draws you in.

Best Line:
"I'd rather have you than a million dollars, Cag," she breathed into his lips. "I'd rather have that than the whole world!" - p. 186

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

He Only Takes the Best

God saw that she was getting weak
And a cure was not to be,
So He put His arm around her
And whispered, "come with Me!"
With tearful eyes we watched her suffer,
and saw her fading away.
Although we loved her dearly
we couldn't make her stay.
A golden heart stopped beating,
Hard working hands are at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove,
He only takes the best.
- Unknown

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stormy Grey

The mouth of the dark path into the forest was filled with tracks. Both booted ones and graceful wolf prints; there were traces of lithe deer trails running through the undergrowth. As I started along the path. There were many things that I noticed quite suddenly. One of which, was that it was almost as dark as pitch. The trees, bare as they were, blocked out all glimpses of the stars and moon. I was left to my own vision. Which in truth, isn’t all that great. It’s not bad, but in the dark its a little bit lacking. It became apparent that there was a wind blowing through the woods; my hair began to swirl around my face in long tangled blond strands. And lastly, the most important of all, is this: I was not alone. I could feel their presence almost like you can feel a breeze against the back of your neck. Just a small whisper of a touch that makes you shiver and check over your shoulder. I began walking a bit faster. Deeper into the woods I went following the path that gradually became nonexistent. Then, I stood there. Listening for the slightest wisp of a sound. As though it heard my thoughts, a sudden sharp crack resounded from behind me. I whirled, nimbly, on my feet to face whatever came at me from the depths of the forest. I froze into place. A sleek, agile footed, lithe, stormy grey colored wolf emerged from the swaying undergrowth. He tread gracefully into the clearing with a sharp, cold, clear air about him. He circled once around me. He came back to a stop right in front of me. It was as if he could hear me thinking. Before I could get my thoughts any farther than that, he started slowly gliding toward me on silent paws. He never once made a sound. My mind started working double time. But it never got off of his appearance; seamlessly searing itself into my thoughts. While my thoughts were spinning, whirling, and freezing, he had gotten even closer yet. But what happened next; I never saw coming. He didn’t launch his sleek body at me, or lunge for my body. He stopped, and fixed his icy blue eyes on mine. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I didn’t know where to turn although I wasn’t sure I wanted to. Never had I seen a gaze like that before. And suddenly, almost as quietly as he had appeared he started to walk back into the inky darkness of the forest. Before he was completely concealed in shadows, he looked back at me and shifted his head just slightly. Almost as if he were given me a secret message meant only for me. Before I could do anything in response, he continued to silently disappear into the night.

I stood there for an unmeasurable amount of time. Only after those passing minutes, did I begin my own trek back out of the night-shrouded woods. Thinking the whole way back “I will return.” And that I did.